The Fall of Lucifer

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to discuss about Lucifer (Satan, the Devil, whatever you want to call him). Lucifer is one of the most interesting characters in, not only the Bible, but all of Christianity! We all know that he lives in Hell and likes to cause trouble and strife in our lives. However, most Christians do not understand or even know about his origins. Now, this is where things can get divided between different groups of Christians and even Jews! We, Christians, usually go to the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament to find the fall of Lucifer. In Ezekiel 28:12-19, the Prophet Ezekiel describes a lament over the King of Tyre, a major seaport of ancient Phoenicia, or modern day Lebanon. At face value, Ezekiel is describing how the King of Tyre was in the grace of God and fell tremendously, due to his own sins and pride. However, we notice that the description is too elaborate to be attributed to JUST the Earthly King of Tyre. The interpretation we receive from these verses then is how Lucifer fell from Heaven and became Satan as we know it today. Now, most people would say that Christians are just reading too much into Scripture and not taking the face value story. Although, this is a valid point, we know that Ezekiel was known for making elaborate descriptions within his book of the Bible. The first few chapters are about his vision of the Glory of God! Therefore, it is entirely possible that Ezekiel was shown Lucifer being expelled from Heaven, and Ezekiel described the event in words and images that he could understand! Personally, this makes the most sense to me as both a Christian and as a scientist. Ezekiel described in immense detail how Lucifer became proud and tried to become better than God. This wasn’t exactly a lesson of sorts, but I felt that in order to understand the great message of God’s Word, we need to understand Satan and how he lives in opposition to God and His Word. I hope whoever read this found it interesting. Take care!

Sheldon Out


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