What’s Up with The Big Bang??

If you were to log onto Facebook and posted a status asking your friends, “How did the Universe begin?”, you would probably get various responses. However, the two most common would be “God created everything” and “Everything came out of the Big Bang”. The majority of the population believe that these perspectives are conflicting views on the same topic. HOWEVER, in reality, both of these concepts are linked and are THE EXACT SAME THEORY. Take your time. Breathe. Good? NOW. The idea that eventually became known as the Big Bang Theory was originally postulated by a man named Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian astronomer, Physics professor, and PRIEST. Lemaitre proposed a theory that Universe came from what he called the “primeval atom.” This atom was the initial point that the Universe exploded from! This idea was completely radical when Lemaitre proposed it in the 1930’s, even Albert Einstein himself did not accept the idea immediately. Now? The Big Bang is one of the most widely accepted theories within the modern scientific community. Christians and other theists believe that since the idea is accepted by scientists, that it must be an atheist or secular concept. However, this post is to my fellow Christians, and a few secular folks possibly, that the Big Bang has always been, currently is, and always will be a CHRISTIAN IDEA. The idea has God stamped all over it! Now, some of my Christian friends might ask how the Big Bang coincides with Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.”? First off, Christians know that God created everything, but had no explanation or understanding of it. The Big Bang Theory provides us with insights to how beautiful and wonderfully made Creation really is! Secondly, to borrow a few points from an article by Frank Turek in my Apologetics Bible, we need to understand the full implications of the Big Bang Theory. This explosion did not occur at a specific time, but it CREATED time. This event did not occur at a specific point in space, it CREATED space. This phenomenon did not involve any matter that existed previously, it CREATED all matter in the entire Universe! Therefore, in order for this event to occur, it had to be beyond time, space, and matter. Who is above all of those items listed? GOD. Finally, if an atheist or agnostic asks if the Big Bang Theory could occur as a cause of natural forces or possibly due to something along the lines of the Oscillating Universe Theory (Google it), you can answer them with confidence with this bit of information: The Big Bang did not occur naturally because nature and natural laws did not come into existence UNTIL the Big Bang occurred! Therefore, by definition, the forces that caused the Big Bang were SUPERnatural – God. In conclusion, Christians do not be afraid when someone talks about the Big Bang Theory. Think of it as a stepping stone in the scientific community that allows God to present…… even when some scientists don’t think he is! Take care everyone!


Sheldon Out


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