The Cloning Debacle

We all know that technology is at a tremendous point in our lives. So many things can be done through modern medicine and technology that were only dreams thirty or forty years nowadays! One of these remarkable advancements is the use of cloning. For those not in the know, genetic cloning is the process of taking an organism (like Dolly the sheep, Google her!), and creating a genetically IDENTICAL organism from the parent! Now, Biology is not my forte and I will not pretend it is, however this kind of process is complicated, so please look it up if you’re interested in learning more! Back to the original point of this post, cloning has been used to create genetically identical organisms from cats, dogs, sheep, to even HUMAN EMBRYOS. Now, of course, we have not allowed a clone of a human being to come to full fruition. These embryos that are created in a lab are typically destroyed to treat diseases for the parent human being or another person that needs it! With that last statement being said, this topic of cloning has become EXTREMELY controversial! At face value, it is used to help other human beings, which is moral and honorable. On the other hand, a completely new life that has been brought into this world is being destroyed before his or her potential is fully realized! In order to solve this kind of debate, we must find a way to classify this newly created clone of a human being. Is he or she considered a human being, with potential for greatness, the capacity to feel emotions, and to be able to make an impact on this Earth? Or, is she or he considered as a medical tool and can be used by scientists to fulfill any agenda that he or she pleases? Personally, here is how I feel about the situation. We know from Genesis 1:26&27 that we are all created in God’s image. We were formed, molded, and shaped by God within our mother’s wombs for 9 months until we were given life and brought into this world! However, if we, human beings, create a clone of something originally designed by God, than this makes the new person a creation of MAN and not GOD. God created each and every one of us to fulfill a glorious plan that He has made for us! By creating a clone of a human being, WE are creating another person to fulfill a plan that WE create for that person, and not a plan that God has set out for them! By these arguments, I do not condone the use of human embryos in this manner and do not believe that cloning should be an area that humans should be dabbling in. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them!


Sheldon Out


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