An Interesting Study (Part 2)

So, a few days ago I made a post about something I came across in the Book of Genesis. Just to give a basic review, my Bible mentioned that Cain conceived children with his wife, who was never named specifically, and my commentary mentions that Cain MIGHT have committed incest. My goal? Figure out who this person is and what’s going on in this situation! 

Now, we know that Adam and Eve had three male children… and these were the first people in history. Therefore, some incest had to occur in order to populate the planet! However, it seems that some Biblical scholars believe that Cain did NOT commit incest. I thought of several situations and scenarios in this could be possible (surprisingly, none of them involve evolution). After a few days of research and reflection, I came to the following conclusion:

Following the order of events in Genesis 1, God created mankind on the sixth day of Creation. After this specific creation account, another one is presented that talked about the creation of the first two people, Adam and Eve. God is very logical in His plans and execution of His will. He inspired Moses to write the Torah in way that people of all backgrounds could understand their origins and how to conduct themselves in life. That being said, why would God make Moses write the events of Creation in chronological order for the majority of Genesis 1, but then has the Adam and Eve account listed AFTER God created mankind?? The most logical conclusion from all of this would be that God created a small, finite number of human beings (the creation of mankind itself). Afterwards, God knows that His newest creation has consciousness and thought, so He finds a way to test their obedience and bestows upon them Free Will (i.e. the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden). This argument would claim that God created mankind as a whole, THEN Adam and Eve specifically, as representatives of humanity, in order to see how Man will respond with Free Will. 

Now, if that blew some of your minds, I apologize entirely!

If this is the type of thinking that some Biblical scholars have, this would definitely be an “underground” way of thinking about one of the biggest events in Genesis. What’s the truth though? God created Man, then Adam and Eve, so He can test them? Or is it just as we understand it in Genesis already? There is a philosophical concept called Ockham’s Razor. It simply states that “all things being equal, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.” Both ideas that I have presented are equally viable! However, the simplest explanation? You guessed it, Genesis as it is! Therefore, in my expert (some people call me an expert 😀 )opinion, we can take the events of Genesis at face value, which in turn means that Cain had to commit incest in order to have children! 

Hopefully, this all made sense in some way or another. I’ll be sure to post more soon. Take care everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!


Sheldon Out


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